Blanket yarn again!

In August I finished a couple of more projects out of Bernat Blanket yarn.  When I saw the Eagle pattern, I had to buy it. It was so cute! The pattern actually uses 2 strands of worsted weight yarn held together so it is more ‘squatty’ then mine. I wanted to make it out of blanket yarn. I used a smaller crochet hook to get a tighter stitch. That made it harder and took me longer as my wrist got sore. I used a K hook.  Since I used different yarn than the pattern, I was careful as I made the pieces to make sure it looked ok.  I love how he turned out. The pattern is Spirit the Eagle Stuffie by Snappy Tots. You can purchase it on Ravelry here.

The teddy bear is made out of Bernat Blanket Tiny yarn.  I am not a fan of this yarn as it is hard to see the stitches because of the thinness of the yarn.  I had the red that I wanted to use up. I couldn’t return it because I had tried a few projects with it. I found this teddy bear pattern and decided to make it. It worked up pretty easily. I will probably make one or two more to use up the yarn.  I saw someone else use the plastic eyes and nose and liked how they turned out. The pattern has you stitch on the face and that doesn’t always go well for me.  The pattern is by Yarnspirations here.

The Amigurumi Collection by Inside Crochet

I bought this book awhile ago. I had plans to make many of the projects. Here are three of them.  I love the chicken!  I decided to not make some of the patterns as they had fabric embellishments and I find those hard for my fingers to do.  The book is written in UK terms. I find as long as I know that, it is easy to make the stitch conversions in my head.  The patterns are by a variety of designers.


I saw this pattern and couldn’t wait to make it.  The pattern is free by RepeatCrafterMe and you can get it here.

The pattern uses Bernat Beyond. I didn’t have that yarn and used Bernat Home Dec yarn.  I thought it used the Home Dec yarn so I obviously skimmed that part of the pattern!  It still turned out nice just not fuzzy. The yarn I used is tubular and doesn’t have any fuzz.

I few things I noticed on the pattern: Head – Rnd 15. At the end, fasten off.  Nose: She doesn’t include the color. Rnd 1 I had 9 sc.

This was a fun basket and a unique twist to have the Koala attached to it.


Found a couple of cute owl patterns out of blanket yarn. They are by Repeat Crafter Me. I like the fact that they are smaller projects and a way to use up my left over blanket yarn.

The small one is found here. She used an orange triangle button for the nose but I could not find them..  I found some heart buttons that I thought worked well. She also used a J hook but I used a size larger, K hook.  Blanket yarn is thicker so it is hard for me to use a smaller hook.  I made the owl body with 12 rounds instead of 14. The pattern had you sew everything on before stuffing.  My wings got too far back. It works easier for the to sew those on after stuffing.

I really like how the owl with the heart turned out. It is one of my favorites. Her pattern is here. I also used a K hook instead of a J hook for this one. After Round 6 you do not turn as it states in the pattern.  I had to make the body 20 rounds so the eyes would not cover the heart.

I love finding patterns to use blanket yarn. Repeat Crafter Me’s blog is a great resource to find patterns.  I have three more of hers coming.

Sea animals!

The whale is made from Spin A Yarn Crochet’s free pattern. You can find it here.  It was a fun, fast pattern. I like the look it has from crocheting a front and back and single-crocheting them together. The pattern doesn’t give you much guidance on the face placement but she had good photos. I just try the eyes in a few places and then secure them when I am satisfied.

The octopus was also from a free pattern. It is by Sarah Hearn and you can find it on ravelry.  This pattern also worked up fast. I liked how the tentacles were made. She made them off of a circle so it was easy to sew on to the body. Her pattern has a lot of pictures but at the very end the pattern is written out. That is easier for me. I don’t usually need pictures so I like having both options.  As you can see in the last picture, Jet was thinking the octopus was his new toy.

Bunny Lovey

The other week I was able to test this pattern for a bunny lovey. I used Red Heart worsted weight yarn for the bunny and some mill-end yarn I had on hand for the blanket. The pattern is free and by Victoria Stewart. Her business is called “Once Upon a Hook.”  I really like her designs and am excited to become a tester for her designs. I love crocheting and have a passion for well-written patterns. I have no desire to design so I like being able to contribute as a tester.  You can find her pattern here. You will not be disappointed with her patterns. They are well-written with really good pictures.  You can check out her other patterns on ravelry here.


Zebra – the misfit toy

Time sure flies! I had been planning on this post for awhile but life got in the way. I just got back from a long weekend in Colorado. I wish I could say I came back refreshed but I didn’t sleep well so I am dragging some.  This zebra was fun. The pattern is by The Friendly Red Fox. She hosted a CAL the end of February to make this zebra.  Her patterns are well-written and I like making animals so I participated.  I like to think of my zebra as my misfit toy from the Island of Misfit Toys.  I am trying to use up yarn I have and mis-judged how much I needed of each color. I still think she turned out cute.   Kali is the designer and she has videos she posts on certain parts of the patterns.  I haven’t needed to watch them but it is handy to have them available. Since winter isn’t leaving us, hopefully this cheerful zebra can give you a smile!