Blanket yarn again!

In August I finished a couple of more projects out of Bernat Blanket yarn.  When I saw the Eagle pattern, I had to buy it. It was so cute! The pattern actually uses 2 strands of worsted weight yarn held together so it is more ‘squatty’ then mine. I wanted to make it out of blanket yarn. I used a smaller crochet hook to get a tighter stitch. That made it harder and took me longer as my wrist got sore. I used a K hook.  Since I used different yarn than the pattern, I was careful as I made the pieces to make sure it looked ok.  I love how he turned out. The pattern is Spirit the Eagle Stuffie by Snappy Tots. You can purchase it on Ravelry here.

The teddy bear is made out of Bernat Blanket Tiny yarn.  I am not a fan of this yarn as it is hard to see the stitches because of the thinness of the yarn.  I had the red that I wanted to use up. I couldn’t return it because I had tried a few projects with it. I found this teddy bear pattern and decided to make it. It worked up pretty easily. I will probably make one or two more to use up the yarn.  I saw someone else use the plastic eyes and nose and liked how they turned out. The pattern has you stitch on the face and that doesn’t always go well for me.  The pattern is by Yarnspirations here.


I like to make at least one new decoration for every holiday.  Stars and Stripes Patriotic Top Hat is a pattern from Desert Diamond Crochet. The pattern is on ravelry here.  The pattern on ravelry has 4 sizes. The pattern I have only has 2. The pattern is quick and easy to follow. I decided to not crochet the stars as I had some buttons that I wanted to use.

The Mountie came from being a pattern tester. The designer is Victoria Stewart and her business is Once Upon a Hook Crochet.  The pattern is available here on ravelry.  She has well-written instructions that make him fun to make.  For some reason my Mountie is very worried.  Facial expressions are fun to play with.  It did take time to put him together. There is a lot of sewing and changing colors but it is worth it when you are done. This is the first pattern I have made of hers and I look forward to making more.